About us

Friends from Norway (FFN) is non-profit organisation founded in 2011 under Norwegian law.
Our main aim is to help and support people and our motto is:

“The greatest pleasure we can have is to make people happy!”

We have several directions in organisation, and the main ones are:
– Erasmus+ programme;
– Chrispo project.

Since 2011 our target group were children & youth and their personal and professional development. FFN cooperates with NGOs around European Union and partner countries, including Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark.

“Chrispo project” and “Erasmus+”

In Moldova “Friends from Norway” founded a “Chrispo project” (Christian Sport). The project is divided into several parts: “Chrispo Biesti”, “Chrispo Orhei” and “Chrispo Chisinau”. Together with local organisation “Christ Church” we support children and youth from poor families through charity and development programs. Under our support they have weekly sport activities and different master-classes. We put emphasis on the fact that children are the future of Moldova and by raising their development and ambitions they will develop their country.

Under Erasmus+ programme we started our work from the year 2015. It gave us opportunities to raise awareness regarding many social topics and give possibility to develop youth and youth workers around the Europe. Norwegian National Agency “Aktiv Ungdom” already supported several of our initiatives in Moldova and Georgia and we hope to cooperate with this programme in the future.


Support us

Friends From Norway have now got VIPPS. For now, it´s only available for norwegian residents:
Nå har vi også fått VIPPS, slik at det er lettere å gi en gave til vårt arbeid.
Dersom du ønsker å støtte et bestemt prosjekt vi jobber med, må du merke gaven med hvilket prosjekt du ønsker å støtte.

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