TC “ROMA: One Nation–Many Lives”, 2015 (Erasmus+ & Aktiv Ungdom)

The Training Course “ROMA: One Nation – Many Lives” was a 8 days project that took place in Moldova between 16th to 24th October, 2015.

This project was as a starting point for putting the situation of Roma in Central and Eastern Europe in the center of attention of the current issue of the Thematic Series. The TC was an initiative adopted by different European and partner countries that sizable Roma minorities.

The “ROMA: One Nation – Many Lives” was the joint effort aiming at changing the lives of Roma in Europe, which serves as an action framework for NGO’s and will monitor progress in accelerating social inclusion and improving the socio-economic status of Roma across Europe. Within the framework of the TC development four priority areas have been defined: education, employment, health and housing and the participating countries had to develop National Action Plans indicating goals to be achieved for the areas mentioned above.

With a help of this project, participants came up with solutions and measures, including positive action and best practices to improve the situation of Roma and their social inclusion, to discover and explore the tool of photography for promotion ethnic values and differences in a more professional and positive way and as a result – to engage more active young people in their culture and bring attention of a wider public to the social issues of Roma people exclusion of their local communities and countries.

The project focused on these age-old prejudices with 3 different mini-exhibitions in themes – ‘We are Roma, We are Diverse’, ‘Multiple identities and more than stereotypes’ and ‘Many Lives, Many Hopes’ featuring personal insights into the daily lives of Roma Community. Training Course “ROMA: One Nation – Many Lives”, used photography to promote social integration of Roma in each participating country.

One of the messages from this session was to raise awareness for effective inter cultural learning and a need to create space of equality first. The idea for an effective intercultural outcome to combine with some other types – Human Rights, Citizenship, Anti-racism, Conflict transformation, etc. It is not only about changing perception of reality; it is also about changing reality itself.

Photos were posted online to bring cross-border and cross-cultural understanding of some of the most intractable challenges faced by our global society.

Prosjektet gjennomføres med støtte fra EU-programmet Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom. Dette materiellet inneholder støttemottakers meninger og synspunkter. Verken det Nasjonale kontoret for Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom eller Den europeiske kommisjonen kan holdes ansvarlig for innholdet.

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