YE “Seeds for Healthy Life”, 2016 (Erasmus+ & Aktiv Ungdom)

The Youth Exchange “Seeds for Healthy Life” is a 12 days project that was realised in Tbilisi, Georgia between 9th to 20th of October, 2016.

Youth Organisations “Friends from Norway” (Norway) & youth-Educational organisation “Youth For the World” (Georgia) together with its partners initiated this project with participants involved both in youth field, healthy life and conscious lifestyle.

Consumerism culture is taking too big part in daily life. This could be especially damaging for young people who start to compete with each other because of “better” as “more expensive” things. Young people often are not able to make a conscious decision in life because they are not aware of consuming habits and different experiences towards it. Beside things, there is also hyped food, which is most of the time not only unhealthy but also damaging health though might be considered as “cool” among young peers.  We see consumerism, as bad habit for health and society.

Due to the mentioned reasons, project “Seeds for Healthy Life” brought together 40 youngsters in order to rise their awareness of conscious lifestyle level – when they consume only when they really need it instead of choosing things and food because it is trending. It brought participants to another level: being healthy and being conscious at the same time. Therefore, daily physical activities were included as well as sessions about team-building, growing your own food & etc.

The main objectives of this project:

  • Challenge the perceptions and raise awareness about consumerism (capitalism) culture;
  • Overcoming the stereotypes of eating habits of vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters;
  • Change habits of participants, which demonstrate non- conscious life style;
  • To learn how to grow own food (adaptable in the city with low space resources) and how to collect food from the nature;
  • To encourage a healthy nutrition as natural part of the daily routine.


Prosjektet gjennomføres med støtte fra EU-programmet Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom. Dette materiellet inneholder støttemottakers meninger og synspunkter. Verken det Nasjonale kontoret for Erasmus+: Aktiv Ungdom eller Den europeiske kommisjonen kan holdes ansvarlig for innholdet.

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