Oppdatering fra ChriSpo Chisinau

I am very happy to see how guys with great pleasure and desire come on trainings, a lot of times they ask me when it is next training and they want more and more meetings.

What i am really happy about is the fact that guys stop to curse and say bad words as usually they are used to do in this not perfect life! We have one very important rule in the time of trainings: who says bad words or is cursing he will have to make 10 push-ups. 🙂
But the main important thing are not the push-ups, but the moment that they really put an effort for not saying bad words or cursing in the time of trainings and even when we just hang out in the city with guys if someone accidentelly said a bad word that person starts to apologyze, and this is making me feel happy!

We also had some persistent and very important trainings.
We had a friendly game with another christian volleyball team which was very important for the team.
Our guys with big expectation are waiting for the next game!
We started our trainings in a new format. Once in two weeks we have a general meeting, where everyone is invited to come and play volleyball with us, like boys also girls are invited. For example last Sunday we had 4 teams where we had 25 people.
Everyone liked this type of meetings and a lot of guys were writing to me feedback that they will expect with much joy the next meetings like this.
In January we had 12 trainings and i can say with no doubt that the team is better looking now!

Thank you Friends From Norway for your support and help and for bringing impact into the lives of these guys!

– David

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